Gary Yamamoto has been a name synonymous with lure fishing for almost three decades now. Starting with one lure, the Hula Grub, he has built an empire of game-changing baits that together comprise not just a tackle arsenal but rather a complete fishing system and philosophy.

It all started when he needed some custom lures for his tournament fishing that had a realistic action and life like colours, but what he needed just did not exist.

He managed to find a couple of suppliers that would manufacture them for him but the quantities that he had to order were greater than he could ever use himself. He started to sell the surplus lures and with his tournament success came greater sales, until he was in a position to purchase one of the suppliers. As a result Gary

Yamamoto Custom Baits was formed in 1985.

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits are true world leaders with products like the original Hula Grub and the famous Senko, perhaps the single most revolutionary lure introduction of the past generation. These incredible baits are now not only available in America but Japan, Asia and Europe as well and we are delighted to bring them to the UK.

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