Duo’s Game Changer!

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If you like fishing deep reservoirs for pike, perch and zander then this new Realis Crank G87 20A is going to be one to watch out for!

Up until now it’s been the domain of soft plastic and heavy jig heads but now this may be all about to change!

Duo designer Mr. Adachi  set himself a challenge to produce a crank bait that would be able to dive quickly down to over 20ft whilst still retaining a great casting ability.

Crank G87 20A

After almost 18 months of testing Duo have come up with the Realis Crank G87 20A, Thanks to its new special magnetic weight transfer system and lip design the G87 20A is capable of casting over 60m and diving down to over 6m on the retrieve with 12lb line. Coming in at just over three inches and weighing 35grams the G87 20A absolutely flies true during the cast giving the angler total accuracy to hit his chosen spot.

Surprisingly despite its size and weight the G87 20A dives quickly and retrieves effortlessly with little resistance allowing every vibration to be felt.

Duo’s Realis G87 20A Game Changer will be available early 2015.